Task with Siri

Our mobile app's Siri task creation feature empowers you to create tasks effortlessly on the go. It's swift, intuitive, and perfect for the modern multitasker. Elevate your productivity and never miss a beat, even when you're away from your desk! 🌐🚀

This video is a quick walkthrough of the more detailed instructions below. We'll cover how to:

  1. ⚙️ Turn ON Siri shortcuts for Motion.

  2. 🚫 Turn OFF Siri shortcuts for Reminders and the Notes app.

  3. 🚫 DISABLE the Siri search feature for Notes and Reminders.

🏎️ How to Create a Task Using Siri on iPhone for Motion Mobile App

Directions for Siri consist of three parts:

  1. Download the Motion Mobile app and set up Siri shortcuts.

  2. Disable Siri shortcuts for the Notes and Reminders iOS apps.

  3. Turn off Siri search and suggestions for the Notes and Reminders apps.

📜 Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. 📥 Download the Motion Mobile App

Kick-start your Motion experience on our web app at app.usemotion.com before diving into the mobile version.

  1. 🔗 Get the iOS Shortcuts App

  • The magic happens with the Shortcuts App. Make sure it's on your iPhone!

  1. 🧭 Navigate to the Shortcuts App

  • Open the Shortcuts App. Scan through 'App Shortcuts' and spot 'Motion'. Give it a tap.

  1. 🔧 Tweak the Settings

  • Spot the 'i' symbol in the top-right? Tap it. Now, slide 'Siri' to ON and ensure 'Spotlight' is also ON.

  • Once done, tap 'Done' and give it a moment to sync up.

🛠️ Disabling Shortcuts for Reminders and Notes:

If you wish to disable Siri suggestions for Reminders and Notes, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

  2. Select the "Reminders" app within the Shortcuts app.

  3. Click the 'i' icon, usually found in the top-right corner.

  4. Turn off Siri suggestions for reminders.

  5. Repeat the same process for the "Notes" app by selecting it in the Shortcuts app and turning off Siri suggestions.

By following these steps, you can optimize your Siri experience with Motion while ensuring that Siri suggestions for Reminders and Notes are disabled.

🛠️ Disabling Siri Suggestions for Reminders and Notes Shortcuts:

To optimize your Siri experience with Motion, follow these additional steps after completing Step 5:

  1. Once you're done with Step 5, go to your iOS settings.

  2. Type in "Siri" in the search bar.

  3. Click on "Siri and Search," a subsection within Siri.

  4. You should see a list of apps. Click on "Reminders."

  5. Toggle off the options "Learn from this App," "Show app in Search," and "Show Content in Search."

  6. Next, repeat the process for "Notes."

  7. Scroll down to "Notes" and toggle off "Learn from this App," "Show app in Search," and "Show Content in Search."

🎤 Talk to Siri

At this point, you're good to go. Siri for Motion is turned ON (via the Shortcuts app), and Siri for Notes and Reminders should be 100% OFF.

  1. Say these exact words: "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE)

  2. Siri should respond with, "What are the task details?"

  3. Now, provide your task details.

✨ Examples of Stellar Tasks:

  1. 📋 Project Finish Line

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "Need to finish a project report by Friday, estimated at 2 hours. Can you find a spot in my schedule?"

  2. 📤 Vendor Outreach

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "I need to contact my vendor (Acme Corp) by the end of the week. Can we set aside a 30-minute slot? Thanks!"

  3. 📈 Data Dive

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "The boss wants a deep dive into our Q4 figures on Excel. Let's block out 6 hours. Is there time before next Friday?"

  4. 🎨 Design Revamp

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "The homepage needs a fresh design. About 3 hours of work. Can we fit it in this week?"

  5. 🤝 Meeting Scheduling

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "Schedule a team brainstorming session for the new campaign, probably an hour long. How's Wednesday looking?"

  6. 🛍 Product Launch

    • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "We're launching a new product next month and need 4 hours to strategize. Can we pencil it in?"

Why We Pause in Siri Shortcuts

In Siri Shortcuts, we pause after saying "Siri" (pause) "Motion" (pause) because Siri will ask you back, "What are the task details?"

🗣️ After Siri's question, you simply state what the task is. No need to say phrases like "Can you remind me to" or "Can you make a task for me?" as a prefix. Just say something like, "I need to do this task: XYZ."

This pause-and-response interaction helps Siri understand your task details better! 😊

📱 Successful Siri Example

Here's a short screen recording of a successful Siri interaction:

  1. "Hey Siri"

  2. "Motion"

  3. "I need to find a paper report by next Friday."

🧐 Siri recognizes the task and displays it on the iPhone screen.

✉️ Motion also sends an email confirmation for Siri-created tasks, which can be identified by a yellow status symbol in the main tasks block UI.

❌ Examples to Avoid:

  • "Siri, make a task." (Incomplete command!)

  • "Siri, create a motion task for my report." (Missed the pauses!)

  • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "I need to report something." (Unclear command!)

  • "Siri, set a motion task." (Incorrect phrasing!)

  • "Siri" (PAUSE) "Motion" (PAUSE) "Need to handle stuff." (Lack of pauses and specifics!)

📍 Handy Tips:

  • 🎤 Command Clarity: Be precise with your command phrase for perfect results.

  • The Power of Pauses: Always pause after saying "Siri" and "Motion."

  • 📝 Details Matter: Accurate task titles, time estimates, and deadlines make a difference.

  • For Siri to work effectively: please make sure you have the Notes and Reminders for Shortcut via Siri turned OFF and Siri search suggestions turned OFF (see directions below on how to do so).

Embark on a smoother Siri experience and let Motion make magic! 🌠📲🌈

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