With Motion, you can easily grab your availabilities and copy them in a message like this:

Manually choose times to share:

  1. Open Scheduler → option + A on Mac (or alt + A on Windows)

  2. Click "Drag time slots"

  3. Click & drag your available times on the calendar.

  4. Edit your details on the left. You can invite teammates to the meeting, customize the event details and one-time booking link that will be sent with your message.

  5. Review your message, then use cmd/ctrl + c to copy your message.

Generate a message based on your booking link:

  1. Open Scheduler → option + C on Mac (or alt + C on Windows)

  2. Click "Generate Message" next to your booking link.

  3. Customize your one-time booking link.

    Note- this feature currently isn't available in Safari. Sorry about that!

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