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Create a workspace
Create a workspace
Create a workspace to organize your projects and tasks
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Workspaces allow you to organize your tasks and projects.

With Motion you can create as many workspaces as you'd like. Each workspace has its own workspace name, members (who have access), statuses, and labels.

For example, you might have workspaces for different functions (e.g., Human Resources, Finance, Product, etc.) or workspaces for managing different clients you work with (e.g., Apple, Ford, Disney, etc.).

There are two ways to create workspaces:

Create a workspace by going to "Projects & Tasks" and clicking "Add Workspace"

Create a workspace by going to "Settings" and clicking "Add workspace" on the bottom of the left hand navigation bar

For both options, you'll be prompted to name your workspace. You can copy settings from another workspace (member access, statuses, and labels) by toggling "Copy settings from another workspace" and selecting the desired workspace.

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