1) Click the right side of a task to see more options like "Focus Banner" and "Do Later"

Click the 3-vertical dots icon on a task to open the menu of additional options.

  • Daily schedule too busy? "Do Later" allows you to snooze a task and adjust the deadline.

  • Able to tackle a task earlier? "Focus banner" starts the selected task immediately.

  • No longer sure about the task inputs? Put the task into "Backlog" and figure it out later.

The full list of options can be seen here:

2) Set focus time to save time for tasks instead of meetings

Click "Settings" and then click "Focus time" to configure your focus time.

Focus time blocks out time for you to work on tasks instead of meetings. The focus time block shrinks as more tasks get scheduled to that day.

Think of focus time as a recurring task that tells you to focus on tasks; it can block you off from meetings and can be broken into smaller chunks.

Many users toggle "Allow split into chunks" in the focus time settings. This allows focus time to move flexibly on your calendar (if you have events that might get scheduled) rather than take up a large block of time.

3) Make dependencies between tasks to ensure "First Task" gets scheduled before "Second Task"

You can create task dependencies by using blockers.

Adding a blocker will tell Motion not to schedule certain tasks before others. For example, if "First Task" blocks "Second Task then "First Task" will always get scheduled before "Second Task".

Learn more about blockers here.

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