We've compiled some frequently asked questions and tips to help individual and team users stay organized on Motion.

How should I think about workspaces vs. projects vs. labels?

We recommend that you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who should have access to seeing and editing these tasks?

    Workspaces allow you to specify which members are included. Team members not added to a workspace are unable to read and edit the tasks within that specific workspace.

  2. Is there a well-defined end date for your collection of tasks?

    If so, then it's likely a project. Workspaces have no due date and thus are more suitable for company functional areas (e.g., Sales, Marketing, HR) or ongoing business relationships (e.g., evergreen client A).

  3. What if project and workspace are not quite right?

    Labels are perfect in this scenario. For example, tasks that contribute towards a big company goal like "Q4 Initiative" may use the same label across functional areas (workspaces). Note, one task can have multiple labels.

Can I make a recurring task within a project?

Currently, you can only make recurring tasks within a workspace - not within a project. We often advise client service-based businesses to make each client a separate workspace.

Do I need workspaces when I can just use labels?

Smaller teams sometimes choose the option to use labels for tasks instead of nesting tasks into workspaces or projects. This method can quickly become unwieldy as the labels list grows extensive. However, it's whatever works best for you!

How will labels across different workspaces get Grouped By in "My Tasks"?

If workspaces share any identical labels then when you Group By "Labels" in "My Tasks" you'll see tasks from different workspaces in the same Group By column. For example, if two separate workspaces have "Q4 initiative" as labels then within "My Tasks" you'll see a single column, "Q4 Initiative", upon Grouping By label.

If the Group By view is not specific enough then you can further filter down by specifying the "Workspace".

When should I use Projects view versus Kanban view?

Projects view is a spreadsheet like list view that allows you to see a lot of tasks at a glance. Users such as project managers tend to prefer this view to get a high-level sense of what has been and needs to be done.

Kanban view arranges all tasks and projects as cards that can be easily dragged and dropped among columns. This view is especially preferable when you need to make changes to multiple tasks. For example, group by "Priority" and then drag cards from column to column to make quick changes to each task's priority field.

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to use or organize Motion tasks. If this was helpful, you can find more related articles in the Best Practices collection.

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