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Most common questions about scheduling tasks
Most common questions about scheduling tasks
What we get asked about the most when it comes to scheduling tasks
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Here are a few of our most common questions about Tasks:

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1) If I can't finish a task on time what happens to it?

Tasks get rescheduled automatically if you cannot finish it - no need to change due date, priority, etc.

Motion should save you time, not make things more complicated. When it's time to start a new task there is no need to click anything. Once you complete the task, just click the check mark on the task to mark it done.

Motion will automatically reschedule any tasks that aren’t completed within 30 minutes of when they were scheduled to end.

2) Can other people (e.g., coworkers) who look at my calendar see my tasks?

You can control what is visible to others in a few different ways. When you have “Display task names” turned on in Motion (under Settings > Auto-scheduling), this will make the task name visible for anyone who has access to the calendar. If you do not wish task names to be displayed, you can toggle "Display task names" off.

You can also change the visibility of individual tasks through your external calendar settings in Google or Outlook, by making the event for the task private.

3) What does the "play" button for a task do?

It means you've decided to start working on the task. This is primarily to let Motion know that you want to start on a task that is scheduled for later.

Pressing play will move the selected task to the current time and reorganize any of your tasks that might overlap with the selected task.

4) What are the solid borders versus dashed borders around my task?

Tasks with a dotted border are free. Tasks with a solid border are busy.

Tasks are set as free until there are no other times they can be moved to before the deadline. Once the task gets moved to the last available time slot, it will be set as busy (solid line / border).

5) How do I see the tasks that I have completed?

You can quickly show completed tasks on the Motion calendar by turning on the "Show competed tasks" toggle in the bottom left corner of the calendar.

You can also filter for completed tasks within "Projects & Tasks" to see more details about each task.

6) Can I change the color of my tasks?

We will be adding the ability to change task colors in the future!

In the meantime, some users add emojis to task names to help organize their tasks visually (right click in the task title → Emojis & Symbols).

7) Will I get scheduled two tasks at the same time?

No, this should not happen as much as we'd all like to be in two different places at once.

Motion may need a moment to recalculate tasks during which you might see overlapping tasks.

If this condition persists, please reach out to support via our chat icon on the bottom right of this screen to let us know.

If you'd like to keep learning about how to set-up Motion, take a look at our Best Practices section for more guidance!

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