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How to troubleshoot common issues in Motion
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Here are a few of the most common errors our users run into

Stuck on the payment page

If you've already signed up, but you're being routed to our payment page, it's likely that you've signed in using the incorrect email. Click on the "change" button to get back to our login page.

If you're unsure what email you used to sign up, send a message to our support team providing your first and last name or the last 4 digits of the card on your account.

2) Unable to connect calendar

The issue could be that you're attempting to add a calendar that isn't supported. Motion currently supports Google and Microsoft 365 calendars. Microsoft Exchange and iCloud (Apple) calendars aren't supported at this time

3) Google Authorization Error

Please follow the instructions here:

4) Microsoft Admin Approval

If you're having issues connecting your Microsoft 365 calendar, you may need to have your organization admin grant permissions for third-party applications to access your account. They can manage permissions in the Azure Active Directory under Enterprise Application -> Motion -> Permissions.

5) "Could not fit" Error

There are usually 2 things that cause this:

We sometimes see this with users who have All Day events that are marked as BUSY and prevent tasks from being scheduled. If you have busy all day events, you'll want to mark them as Free. Click into the event β†’ click the pencil to edit β†’ More Options β†’ Busy β†’ choose Free from the dropdown.

The schedule the task is assigned to is too restrictive. Tasks default to our work hours which usually don't include extended hours or weekends.

1. Click on the task to open it

2. Click "Work Hours" in the top right.

3. You can edit/add schedules here. Choose which schedule you want the task to be added to.

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