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How to use templates for projects and tasks
How to use templates for projects and tasks
A quick walkthrough guide on how to create templates for tasks and projects in Motion
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1. Locate the workspace where you would like to create the template. Task and project templates will only be available in the workspace under which they were created. Also, existing tasks or projects cannot be converted into templates.

2. Find and click on the button labeled "Templates" with the puzzle-piece symbol.

3. In the "Templates" window, find and click on the blue "Create Template" button and then select "Create task template" or "Create project template".

4. Give your task or project template a name and fill out as many fields as you would like to in the template. Any greyed-out fields in a task or project template will be editable once you actually use the template in a workspace.

Task template:

Project template:

Click the blue "Create Template" or "Save Template" button once you are finished creating or updating a template.

5. Once your task or project template is created and saved, head to the workspace under which the template was created. Click either the blue "+ Add Task" or "+ Add Project" button to utilize your newly created template(s).

6. In the top left corner of the task or project window, find and click on the "Use template" button, then select the template you would like to use.

7. Complete or update all fields in the task or project configuration section and then hit save!

Congrats! πŸ‘πŸ₯³ You've now successfully created a template in Motion. Please feel free to reach out to Motion Support with any questions.

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