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Top 3 troubleshooting tips for permissions & sharing
Top 3 troubleshooting tips for permissions & sharing
How to troubleshoot the most common permissions and sharing issues, problems, and errors
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Here are 3 of the most common issues Motion users run into when scheduling tasks

1.) Share task names with your own calendar

You can unhide task names in your settings:

  1. Click "Auto-scheduling" on the left.

  2. Select an option to show tasks on Google & Outlook Calendars

  3. Toggle on "Display task names" when the option appears

Please note that when you turn on the "Display task names" setting, it only applies to new tasks going forward. If you have a task that still isn't showing the name, you can click into the task and hit save. This will trigger an update and the task name will be displayed.

2.) Share tasks with coworkers

If you are on a Motion team plan, you can see the "Scheduled on" date of a task within shared workspaces in the Projects & Tasks" tab. This gives you visibility into when tasks will be done.

Currently, the ability to see the exact time (i.e., in calendar view) that tasks will be done is not yet available but under development.

3.) Cannot share workspace

If you're attempting to share a workspace with your team in Motion, please make sure to check that the workspace was created after your team was created. Any workspaces created before your team plan was setup will not be shareable.

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