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Create and organize a project or workspace
Create and organize a project or workspace
Quick start guide for creating and organizing your projects and workspaces within the "Projects & Tasks" tab
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A few topics covered in this quick start guide:

Hierarchy within Motion

This is an overview of Motion's hierarchy for organizing your projects and tasks. From the smallest unit to the largest unit:

  • Subtasks can be nested within a task. You can check them off as complete but they don't get added separately to your calendar.

  • Tasks are scheduled onto your main calendar.

  • Projects are a collection of related tasks.

  • Workspaces are a collection of projects. If you are on a team plan this is where you set read/write permissions.

Workspace Examples in Practice

These are real-life examples from Motion users who have organized their workspaces.

Small business owner creates 3 workspaces to separate personal and business-related tasks

  • Business

  • Personal Finances

  • Home and Private Life

Manager on a marketing agency team creates workspaces for each client

  • Client A

  • Client B

  • Client C

  • Admin / HR

Senior business leader in Sales who runs a small consulting gig on the side

  • Managing the Sales Team

  • Senior Leadership To-Do items

  • Personal Consulting Gig

How to Get Started

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