Tips to Onboard Your Team in Motion

Customize Your Workspace

Make your workspace reflect your team by renaming the default workspace to your team's name. You can create additional workspaces within the "Projects" tab or "Settings" menu based on clients, departments, or functional areas. Customize your workspace further by adding "Statuses" and "Labels" to organize tasks effectively.

Invite Team Members

Once your workspace is ready, invite your team members. They will receive an invitation via email, allowing them to join Motion directly by clicking the "Join Your Team" button or by visiting Remember, you can auto-schedule tasks to team members who have accepted their invites.

Establish Expectations for Auto-Scheduling

Motion's unique feature is auto-scheduling tasks directly onto the calendar. It's important to communicate with your team and set expectations regarding this functionality. Here are common concerns and how to address them:

  1. "You can't just put things on my calendar? What if I need that time?"

    • Explain that adding all tasks and events to Motion helps prioritize and manage workload effectively. Motion respects individual priorities and won't override high-priority tasks with lower-priority ones.

  2. "The person assigning me tasks doesn't know how long they'll take."

    • Assure your team that they can select "None/Not Sure" for task duration, preventing auto-scheduling while still receiving task notifications. Assignees can adjust task parameters in "My Tasks."

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