Common Areas of User Confusion: Clearing the Air in Motion

At Motion, we strive to ensure a seamless user experience. Here are some key points to clarify common areas of confusion:

1. What is the difference between tasks and events in Motion?

Task Movement and Events

Tasks in Motion may automatically adjust their schedule to optimize your productivity. However, events, such as meetings or appointments, remain fixed and do not move automatically. You have full control over events in your calendar. Remember, Motion is an interface that sits on top of your existing external Google or Outlook calendar, leveraging its capabilities while enhancing your productivity.

Tasks are Dynamic, while Events are Static.

2. What is a free task?

Task Flexibility

TL;DR: Some tasks are auto-scheduled and some are fixed depending on your preference.

Tasks in Motion can be auto-scheduled or fixed - not all tasks need to be auto-scheduled. Free tasks can be rescheduled or adjusted to fit around your other scheduled events. If you see tasks scheduled at a specific time, it's okay to schedule an event over them. Our AI-powered auto-scheduling intelligently adjusts tasks to make room for your events, ensuring a harmonious balance between your tasks and commitments.

3. How does Motion work with external calendars?

Motion as an Interface

Motion is not a standalone calendar; it is an interface that works in conjunction with your existing external Google, Outlook, or Apple (iCloud) calendar. It provides additional features, functionality, and productivity-enhancing tools to help you better manage your tasks and schedule. Motion seamlessly integrates with your external calendar, ensuring that your tasks and events are synchronized and optimized for maximum efficiency. This means that Motion references your external calendar settings for contact, sharing, and privacy information. Any settings related to your external calendar, like the above, are managed directly through your calendar provider. Motion respects and follows the settings defined in your external calendar.

We hope these clarifications shed light on some of the areas that may have caused confusion. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help you navigate and make the most of your experience with Motion.

Stay organized and productive, The Motion Team

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