Booking Links Explained

Booking links simplify appointment scheduling, catering to small business owners, event organizers, and individuals seeking streamlined bookings. Understanding their components can enhance efficiency.



Choose when guests can book meetings based on your availability. For example, you can specify that meetings are available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, or any other time range that suits your working hours. Motion allows you the flexibility to define your preferred work hours.

Determine how far ahead guests can book meetings with you. You have the freedom to select the booking window that aligns with your preferences. For instance, you have the flexibility to enable bookings up to a year in advance or opt for a shorter window based on your needs.

Show availabilities for the desired time frame. Motion lets you display available meeting slots for the next 30 days, 60 days, or any other duration that suits your scheduling preferences.

"Preferred times" are specific time slots you can set to let guests know which times work best for you.

Attendance Requirements

Motion's attendance requirements allow you to check for calendar conflicts from selected attendees. For example, let's say you and Bob are conducting interviews with candidates. When candidates use your booking link, you can add Bob as an attendance requirement. Motion will then cross-check the availability of both you and Bob against the candidates' selected time slots. This ensures that the meeting is scheduled at a time when both you and Bob are available, preventing scheduling conflicts and facilitating a smooth interview process.

Buffer Time

To prevent back-to-back meetings and allow time for transitions, you can set a buffer time between meetings. For example, you can set a buffer time of 15 minutes, providing some breathing room for preparation or wrapping up the previous meeting. Additionally, you can create a time block event following the meeting to allow for additional preparation or wrap-up time.

Limit Number of Meetings per Day

Define the maximum number of meetings per day for this specific booking link. For instance, you can allow unlimited meetings per day or set a specific limit based on your preferences.

Event Details

Provide an event name that your invitees will see, such as "User Interview" or "Sales Meeting." Specify the duration of the meeting, such as 30 minutes, and you can add additional duration options to cater to different meeting needs. You can also include a video conferencing link or specify a custom location for the meeting, such as a Zoom meeting link or a specific meeting room. Set the host of the calendar event by providing their email address and name.


After an invitee books a time, you have the option to add additional guests to the event. Simply search for their email addresses and include them as guests.

Customize your booking link by setting a preferred URL. For example, you can create a link like "". Motion will generate a unique link for your booking page that can be customized to reflect your name or any desired identifier.

More info about customizing booking links can be found here.

Send Reminder Emails Before Meeting

Improve attendance rates by enabling reminder emails to be sent before the scheduled meeting. This ensures participants don't miss important meetings and helps keep everyone on track.

Example: Solo Entrepreneur - Consulting Business

As a solo entrepreneur running a consulting business, you can leverage Motion's booking links to streamline your meeting scheduling process and enhance client experience. Here's how you can incorporate the booking link into your website and email signature:

Embedding in Your Website

On your consulting website, create a dedicated page where clients can easily schedule consultation sessions with you. Add a prominent "Schedule a Consultation" button or link on this page, which directs visitors to your Motion booking link. By embedding the booking link directly on your website, you provide a seamless and convenient way for potential clients to book meetings with you at their preferred time.

Including in Your Email Signature

To make it even more convenient for clients to schedule meetings with you, add your Motion booking link to your email signature. This allows recipients of your emails to easily access your availability and book consultations with you directly from the email. Simply include a short message like "Schedule a consultation with me" followed by the hyperlink of your booking link.

By combining the power of your consulting website and email signature with Motion's booking links, you create a frictionless experience for your clients. They can visit your website, click on the booking link to schedule a consultation, or directly book a meeting with you from your email signature. This seamless process saves time and eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions ๐Ÿค”

Why is my booking page showing blocked times as available?

  • We usually see this if the calendar doesnโ€™t have the attendance green light. To fix this, you can add the calendar to the โ€œAttendance Requirementsโ€ field in the booking template settings.

  • Yes, but it needs the attendance green light.

Can people book over my free Motion tasks?

  • Absolutely! Your free Motion tasks are algorithmically considered less important than busy ones. They can be moved, for example, to a later time-slot on the same day or week, ensuring that you can still meet your deadlines and commitments.

Can people book over my busy Motion tasks?

  • Sorry, no can do. Busy tasks (algorithmically marked as such) are approaching their deadlines. Allowing someone to book over a busy task could potentially result in missing its deadline. When someone uses your booking link, it won't show available times over busy tasks but will display times when there are free tasks, ensuring your deadlines are met.

Can people book over my fixed Motion tasks?

  • No. Since fixed tasks are 'locked' into specific time slots (algorithmically marked as busy), they will not appear in your availability.

  • You bet!

  • To embed your booking link on your website, go to the "Booking" tab, click the three dots on the booking link, and select "Embed on website." As for embedding your booking link on your lead magnet form, it depends on the platform or tool you're using to create the form. Many form builder tools, such as WordPress plugins, form builder plugins, or website builders, allow users to embed custom HTML or JavaScript code within the form.

Can I change the color of the booking page?

  • It isnโ€™t possible to customize the booking page at this time, but stay tuned for updates!

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