Task Symbols and Their Meanings 🧩

Task symbols in Motion are visual indicators that convey vital information about your tasks and their statuses. Understanding these symbols is key to effectively managing your tasks. Let's delve into each symbol's significance:

⭐ Stars

🚀 Status Ring

  • The status ring signifies the status of a task, such as "To-Do," "Backlogged," or "Completed." Learn more about statuses here.

🟥 Red Exclamation Mark (Past Due Task)

A red exclamation mark next to a task signifies that the task is past its due date and is considered overdue. This means that the task was initially scheduled to be completed on a specific date, such as Monday, but for various reasons, it couldn't be scheduled for that day and got rescheduled to a later date, typically Tuesday. The red exclamation mark serves as a visual reminder that the task is overdue and needs immediate attention. Past-due tasks represent instances where scheduling constraints or other factors have caused a delay in task completion.

📍 Red Exclamation Mark (Could Not Fit Task)

A red exclamation mark is used for tasks that could not fit into the available scheduling window. For example, if you have a task with a due date of Monday, but due to schedule constraints, conflicting tasks, or other events, it cannot be scheduled anywhere within the rolling auto-scheduling window, it is marked with a red exclamation mark. These tasks are meant to be pinned in place as they cannot be accommodated in the current scheduling timeline. The red exclamation mark alerts you to tasks that require special attention due to scheduling constraints.

Understanding these symbols helps you identify and manage tasks that are past their due dates or cannot fit into your current schedule effectively within the Motion platform.

Fraction Symbol

  • The 1/2 symbol suggests the task is part of a partially completed task block. Task chunks allow Motion's algorithm to break tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces.

🔐 Locked Tasks

  • The lock symbol on tasks signifies that the task's scheduling has been fixed in place. This symbol indicates that you initially scheduled the task at a specific time and then manually moved the task to a new time.

  • Once a task is locked in place, it remains fixed on your calendar and won't be controlled by the Motion algorithm. The Motion algorithm will only consider rescheduling this task if you don't complete it.

  • For example, let's say Motion scheduled a task for you on Monday at 11 am, but you manually moved it to Monday at 3 pm because it better suited your schedule. If the original time passes, let's say it's now 4 pm (after the task's scheduled time), and you haven't marked the task as complete, Motion will then reschedule it for you.

  • In essence, the lock symbol indicates that you've taken control of the task's scheduling, and Motion will only intervene if necessary due to incomplete tasks.

🌀 Wheel

  • The wheel symbol or cycle arrows represent recurring tasks, such as daily routines like walking the dog.

✅ Completed Check

  • The completed check symbol indicates that a task has been successfully completed. Here's a link to a dedicated article for completing tasks.

UI Task List Symbols

  • In the task list UI, you might also encounter various symbols:

    • 🚩 Flag: Indicates task priority.

    • 📅 Meeting Symbol: Represents a meeting task.

    • ☑️ Checkmark: Denotes a regular task.

    • ⏰ ASAP Symbol: Marks tasks with high priority.

    • 🟢 Green +1: Indicates the number of days between today and the task's deadline.

    • 🔴 Red -1 (N): Indicates the number of days between today and the task's deadline.

Understanding these symbols will empower you to navigate and manage your tasks efficiently within the Motion platform.

With this knowledge, you can enjoy a more organized and productive task management experience with Motion! 🚀

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