Task Types Explained

In Motion, tasks can be classified as either free tasks or busy tasks.

πŸ†“Free Tasks

These tasks can be moved to a different time without any problems. Motion sets tasks as free until there are no other available time slots before the task's deadline. This gives you the flexibility to work on the task at a different time while still meeting the deadline. For example, if you have a task due on Friday, but you can't finish it on Monday, Motion will automatically move it to a later time, like Tuesday. This is okay because there are still other available time slots before the Friday deadline.

⚠️Busy Tasks

These tasks should not be moved too far into the future because doing so might cause the task to miss the deadline. Motion sets tasks as busy when they are scheduled for the last available time slot before the deadline. For example, if you have a task due on Tuesday night and it's initially scheduled for Monday afternoon, but you can't finish it, Motion will automatically move it to the next available time slot on Tuesday. However, this task becomes busy because there might be limited time slots left before the Tuesday night deadline. So, rescheduling it further into the future would risk missing the deadline.

Free and busy tasks on Motion calendar:

Free and busy tasks on Google Calendar:

  • Task A is free because it’s an instance of a daily recurring task with a deadline of April 13th.

  • Task B is busy because its a recurring task with an upcoming deadline.

  • Task C is busy because its deadline has passed.

Understanding the difference between free and busy tasks helps you manage your schedule effectively. Free tasks give you the flexibility to move them within a specific time frame, while busy tasks are important commitments that can't be moved without risking missing the deadline. By understanding the status of your tasks in Motion, you can balance your commitments, meet deadlines, and work in a way that suits you best.

πŸ”’Fixed Task

Fixed tasks are indicated by a lock icon. To lock a task in place, you can drag an existing task to a new time slot. If you don’t complete the task within the set timeframe, Motion will automatically reschedule it for you just like any other task.

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