Tasks as "Complete"

Marking tasks as "complete" is an essential action in managing your tasks effectively in Motion. Whether you're using the Calendar or the Projects tab, there are simple steps to follow to mark a task as complete.

Marking a Task as Complete

Calendar Tab

  1. Find the task you wish to mark as completed.

  2. Click on the status ring to mark the task as complete.

  3. The task will now be marked as complete.

Projects Tab

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab.

  2. Find the task you wish to mark as complete.

  3. Locate the "Status" column.

  4. Change the status to "Completed."

  5. The task will be marked as complete.

You can also open the task and click “✔️ Complete task” inside the task modal.


Showing Completed Tasks

Calendar Tab

  1. Open Display Options by clicking the sound mixer icon on top beside the search 🔍 icon.

  2. Toggle on "Show Completed tasks."

  3. Your completed tasks will be displayed on the calendar.

Projects Tab

To see all completed tasks within a workspace, you can:

  1. Navigate to the desired workspace.

  2. Click on “Filters” > “Status” > “Completed.”

  3. Your completed tasks will be shown in the current view.


Undoing a Task

You can unmark a task as complete by following these steps:

Calendar Tab

  1. Show completed tasks on the calendar.

  2. Open the task.

  3. Change the status from “Completed” to the appropriate status (e.g., Todo).

Projects Tab

  1. Navigate to the workspace where the task is in.

  2. Click “Filters” > “Status” > “Completed.”

  3. Identify the task you want to undo.

  4. Change the status from “Completed” to the appropriate status.

The task will be scheduled on your calendar again if the Auto-scheduling feature is enabled for the selected status.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🤔

What happens if I forget to complete a task?

  • If you do not mark a task as complete within 30 minutes of its scheduled time or deadline, Motion's dynamic scheduling feature will automatically move the task to optimize your calendar and prioritize other tasks.

My task was rescheduled and I just marked it as complete. How can I make it so that it shows I completed it at the correct time?

  • You can click and drag the task onto the correct time in the past to help you keep track of your work.

I have my completed tasks on my Motion calendar, but why can't I see them in my Outlook/Google calendar?

  • You cannot view completed tasks on your Outlook or Google calendar. Motion will only sync auto-scheduled tasks externally on your main calendar.

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