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Kanban: Drag and Drop

In order to efficiently organize and manage tasks and projects within your workspace, you can utilize the Drag and Drop feature to change the priority and assignee of tasks and projects.

Benefits of Kanban View

Kanban View brings several advantages to the table:
  • 🌟 Flexible Task Organization
  • 🤖 Intuitive Task Movement
  • 📅 Real-Time Auto-Scheduling
  • 🚦 Quick Priority Escalation for Managers

Steps for Drag and Drop:

Here are the simple steps to use the Drag and Drop feature:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to your Workspace.
  2. 2.
    Switch to the Kanban + Tasks view or Kanban + Projects view.
  3. 3.
    Locate the task or project you want to move.
  4. 4.
    Click and hold the task/project card.
  5. 5.
    Drag it to the desired position or column.
  6. 6.
    Release the mouse button to drop the task.

Marketing Agency Example

Imagine you're running a bustling marketing agency, "Marketing Marvels." Your agency is handling a major project for a client, with different teams assigned to handle various tasks. These tasks range from market research to SEO, content creation, design work, and client communication. Each of these categories forms a column in your Kanban board.
Here's how Drag and Drop could be used in an actual project scenario:

Project Briefing and Task Allocation

After receiving the project brief from your client, you identify several key tasks that need to be completed. You create these tasks in the appropriate columns. For example, you place 'Keyword Research' in the SEO column, 'Write Blog Posts' in the Content Creation column, 'Design Website Layout' in the Design column, and 'Update Client' in the Client Communication column.

Reassignment of Tasks

As the project progresses, you realize that one of the tasks initially placed in the SEO column, 'Create a Content Strategy,' is more suited for the Content Creation team. Using the Drag and Drop feature, you quickly move this task from the SEO column to the Content Creation column. The Content Creation team is instantly alerted about their new task.

Status Update of Tasks

The Design team finishes creating the website layout ahead of schedule. The team lead drags the 'Design Website Layout' task card from the 'In Progress' state to the 'Completed' column. This visual update helps everyone see the progress made and understand that it's time to review the design and provide feedback or approval.

Priority Escalation

Midway through the project, the client decides they want to prioritize the creation of a promotional video, a task initially considered low priority. As the project manager, you quickly respond by dragging the 'Create Promotional Video' task card from the 'Low Priority' to the 'High Priority' column. This immediate visibility ensures the task gets the attention it now requires.
In order to efficiently organize and manage tasks within your workspace, you can utilize the Drag and Drop feature. Here are the simple steps to do so: