Task Changelog

Imagine you're part of a team working together on a big project. With so many tasks and people involved, it can get pretty hectic trying to keep track of all the changes happening. That's where the Task Changelog comes in handy. For example, if the label of a task changes, or if it's added or removed, the Changelog records it with a timestamp.

In the event that a member deletes a task, that activity won't be reflected in the task changelog at this time.

Accessing Task Changelog:

  1. Navigate to the "Projects" section.

  2. Choose the specific workspace containing the task.

  3. Click on the task you wish to modify.

  4. Within the task modal, adjust any desired field, like its duration.

  5. Directly above the comments section, under "Activity," you'll find a detailed entry in the Changelog, documenting your modification.

Alternatively, you can open a task in the Calendar tab or Team Schedule to review any updates or changes made to the task.


Changes to the following fields will be reflected in the changelog:

  • 📊 Task fields

    • Status

    • Assignee

    • Priority

    • Duration

    • Start date

    • Deadline

    • Labels

  • 📝 Descriptions (e.g. Completing checklists, adding images, etc.)


The Task Changelog is like a detailed history book for each task. It records every change that occurs, whether it's a simple label update, adjusting priorities, dates, etc. So, no matter how many changes happen or who makes them, you can always look back and see exactly what happened with each task.

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