Notifications πŸ“’

Desktop Notifications πŸ’»

One of the key features that can significantly enhance your productivity in Motion is the use of Desktop Notifications. This setting enables system notifications that keep you informed and updated about important tasks, calls, or events, irrespective of what you are currently working on your computer.

Enabling Desktop Notifications on Mac:

  1. Go to Mac Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Notifications section > Application Notifications.

  3. Locate and click on the Motion app.

  4. Toggle β€œAllow Notifications” to the on position.

  5. Customize update banners/alerts, sound, badge application, etc., according to your preference.

Enabling Desktop Notifications on Windows:

  1. Access Windows Settings.

  2. Search for "Notifications & actions."

  3. Find and click on the Motion app.

  4. Turn the β€œNotifications” toggle to the on position.

  5. Select the types of notifications you want to receive.

  6. Close the window.

Example: Desktop Task Reminder ⏰

Imagine you have an important task due, and you're deeply engrossed in another project on your computer. With Desktop Notifications enabled, you'll receive a popup reminder on your screen, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Web App Notifications:

  • Native to Motion's browser tab.

  • Limited to the active Motion tab.

  • Offers a focused notification experience.

Desktop App Notifications:

  • System notifications.

  • Extend beyond specific tabs.

  • Display on your desktop, even if Motion isn't in focus.

  • Ensures you never miss important events.

Email Notifications πŸ“§

Email Notifications πŸ“§ In addition to Desktop Notifications, Motion also offers Email Notifications to ensure you stay up-to-date on your tasks and events.

Example: Email Mention Notification βœ‰οΈ Suppose a colleague mentions you in a comment on a project. Motion's Email Notifications will promptly send you an email alert, allowing you to jump into the conversation even when you're not actively using the app.

  • Task assigned to you

  • Status changes on a task you are assigned to

  • Mentions in comments

  • Task auto-archived

  • Tasks created with Siri

Mobile Notifications πŸ“±

Mobile Notifications πŸ“± Motion provides mobile notifications to keep you informed while you're on the go. You can receive notifications for various events, including:

  • Task assigned to you

  • Status changes on a task you are assigned to

  • Mentions in comments

  • Task auto-archived

Enabling Mobile Notifications on Your Device:

  1. Log in to the Motion Desktop or Web app.

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Notifications

  4. Select the specific notifications you would like to enable, such as Task assigned to you, Status changed on task, Mentioned in comment, Task auto-archived, etc.

Example: Mobile Task Assignment Notification πŸ“² Let's say your manager assigns a critical task to you while you're away from your computer. With Mobile Notifications enabled, you'll instantly receive a notification on your mobile device, ensuring you're aware of the new task and can act on it promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) πŸ€”

Can I receive reminders for tasks and events in the Motion app on my iPhone?

  • We don't yet have movie notifications where you can say, 'Hey Motion, remind me that I need to do this task here or this meeting here.' BUT, we DO have mobile notifications for:

    • Task assigned to you

    • Status changed on a task you are assigned to

    • Mentioned in a comment

    • Task auto-archived

Can Motion remind me automatically to complete a task?

  • While Motion offers a range of notifications, automatic reminders for tasks are not currently available on the mobile app.

Can Motion automatically remind my team members about tasks?

  • Motion allows team members to enable notifications for tasks assigned to them. They can choose to receive notifications on the desktop and web app, but mobile notifications are not supported for task or event reminders.

Can I receive reminders for tasks created with Siri?

  • Yes, Motion supports notifications for tasks created with Siri. You will receive notifications for these tasks on your mobile device if you have mobile notifications enabled.

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