Show Tasks on External Calendars

When collaborating on projects or sharing calendars, controlling the visibility of your tasks to others becomes important. Motion provides options to display tasks on external calendars by adjusting the "Auto-scheduling" settings.

You can find this feature under Settings βš™οΈ > Auto-scheduling > β€œShow Motion on your external calendar.”

Display Options

Motion offers three options for displaying tasks on external calendars, each with its own benefits and considerations. Let's explore them:

πŸ”’ Option 1: Only Show Tasks on Motion Calendar

When selecting this option, tasks are exclusively scheduled within Motion. On external calendars, only events are visible, keeping your tasks private. However, this may lead to scheduling conflicts if others schedule meetings over your tasks. Fixed-time tasks indicated by a lock icon can overlap with meetings, causing potential conflicts.

🌐 Option 2: Show Motion on your external calendar (Main Calendar Email), but keep tasks as Free

With this option, anyone with access to your calendar can see whether you're available for a meeting or working on a task. It enhances collaboration and helps prevent scheduling conflicts. However, keep in mind that your tasks will be visible to others as free others and they might be inclined to schedule meetings during those periods.

🌐 Option 3: Show Motion on your external calendar (Main Calendar Email), tasks that are at risk of missing the deadline are marked as busy

Choosing this option will show your tasks as both free and busy. This dual status helps avoid scheduling conflicts, as anyone with access to your calendar can easily identify when you're occupied with tasks and unavailable for additional commitments.

You can control the visibility by toggling the "Display task names" setting.

The choice among these options depends on your specific needs and preferences. If project collaboration and awareness of availability are crucial, "Show Motion on your external calendar" is recommended. On the other hand, if task privacy and avoiding scheduling conflicts are a priority, "Only show tasks on Motion Calendar" is the better choice.

Consider your requirements and select the option that aligns best with your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the "Display task names" setting?

  • You can find this setting under Settings > Auto-scheduling > Show Motion on your external calendar.

2. What happens if I select "Only show tasks on Motion Calendar" and someone schedules a meeting during a task time?

  • Your free Motion task will be rescheduled by our algorithm.

3. Can I control the visibility of my tasks if I select "Show Motion on your external calendar”?

  • Yes, you can control the visibility by toggling the "Display task names" setting.

4. Can Motion push tasks to my other connected calendars?

  • No, sorry! Tasks can only be displayed on the assigned main calendar.

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