Motion for Entrepreneurs


Meet Alex, a passionate entrepreneur embarking on a journey to build a successful business. With Motion's workspaces feature, Alex can streamline his tasks, projects, and collaborations to achieve optimal productivity. Let's follow Alex as he sets up his workspaces in Motion.

Step 1: Creating Workspaces

  1. Alex opens Motion and heads to the Settings section.

  2. He clicks on "Workspaces" and selects "Add Workspace" to create his first workspace.

  3. Naming it "Startup Ventures," Alex envisions this workspace as the hub for his business-related tasks and projects.

  4. He invites his co-founder and key team members to join the workspace, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Step 2: Tailoring Workspaces

  1. Within the "Startup Ventures" workspace, Alex creates dedicated project folders for each of his ventures, such as "Product Development," "Marketing Strategy," and "Financial Planning."

  2. He assigns relevant tasks to team members, sets due dates, and adds detailed descriptions to ensure clarity and accountability.

  3. Alex leverages the workspace's file-sharing capabilities, uploading important documents, design assets, and market research data, allowing easy access for all stakeholders.

Step 3: Engaging in Client Projects

  1. As Alex's business grows, he establishes a separate workspace called "Client Engagements."

  2. Within this workspace, he creates project folders for each client, enabling efficient management and communication.

  3. Alex assigns tasks to his team members, tracks project milestones, and maintains open lines of communication through comments and updates within the workspace.


With Motion's intuitive workspaces, Alex transforms his entrepreneurial aspirations into organized realities. By creating dedicated workspaces for his business and client projects, he harnesses the power of collaboration, efficiency, and clarity. Join Alex on his entrepreneurial journey and experience the transformative impact of Motion workspaces in propelling your business forward.

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