Motion for Nonprofits Streamline Operations and Maximize Impact


Welcome to Motion for Nonprofits! Discover how Motion can help your nonprofit organization streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and maximize its impact. From managing projects and initiatives to fostering efficient communication, Motion is your all-in-one solution to simplify nonprofit operations and achieve your mission.

Efficient Work Management

  1. Centralize project and task management

  2. Streamline grant applications and fundraising campaigns

  3. Coordinate stakeholder relations and affiliate networks

  4. Save time and resources while fostering greater efficiency

Workspace Organization

  1. Create dedicated workspaces within Motion to organize your nonprofit's projects and initiatives.

  2. Focused environments for collaboration

  3. Assigning tasks and setting deadlines

  4. Keeping everyone on track toward your nonprofit's goals

  5. Seamless collaboration and alignment within each workspace

Flexible Scheduling with Drag Times

  1. Effortlessly adapt to changing project timelines with Motion's Drag Times feature.

  2. Adjusting task durations and timelines with ease

  3. Responding to evolving needs efficiently

  4. Maintaining flexibility and optimizing project schedules

  5. Smooth operations and improved project management

Communication and Collaboration

  1. Foster effective communication and collaboration within your nonprofit organization using Motion's built-in features.

  2. Messaging and commenting features for real-time discussions

  3. Sharing ideas, updates, and addressing issues promptly

  4. Streamlined communication for better collaboration

  5. Enhanced teamwork and improved outcomes


Motion for Nonprofits empowers your organization to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and maximize its impact. With efficient work management, organized workspaces, flexible scheduling, and effective communication, your nonprofit can focus on what matters most - achieving its mission. Start leveraging Motion today and take your nonprofit to new heights!

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