Motion for Students: Simplify Your Study Routine


Motion isn't just for workβ€”it's your ultimate companion for academic success. As a student, you can leverage Motion's powerful features to stay organized, manage coursework, and ace your classes.

Creating Class Workspaces

Transform your virtual classroom with Motion's workspaces. Create a dedicated workspace for each of your classes, like Finance, Biology, History, or any subject you're taking. These workspaces serve as centralized hubs for organizing assignments, notes, and important deadlines, allowing you to focus on each subject with ease.

Fixing Events - Your Reliable Study Buddies

In Motion, events are like your dependable study buddies. Create fixed events for your class sessions, including lectures, discussions, or labs. By adding these events to your calendar, you'll have a clear and reliable overview of your class schedule, ensuring you never miss an important session.

Stay on Top of AI-Powered Tasks and Deadlines

Effortlessly manage your assignments, projects, and exams with Motion's intelligent task management. Here's how Motion keeps you organized and on track:

  1. One-Time Tasks

Create one-time tasks within your class workspaces to tackle specific assignments or projects. Set due dates and let Motion's smart AI algorithms optimize your study routine. You'll receive timely reminders to ensure you stay on top of your workload and never miss a deadline. Whether it's completing an essay, preparing for a presentation, or submitting an assignment, Motion has you covered.

  1. Recurring Tasks for Daily Study and Productive Habits

Make studying a daily habit with Motion's recurring tasks. Set up recurring tasks for your daily study sessions, such as reviewing class notes, practicing problem sets, or reading assigned chapters. Motion will automatically generate these tasks on a regular basis, helping you establish a consistent study routine. With recurring tasks, you can ensure that you allocate dedicated time to study each night and stay on track with your academic goals.

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