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Top 3 troubleshooting tips for Booking and booking links
Top 3 troubleshooting tips for Booking and booking links
How to troubleshoot the most common booking / booking link issues, problems, and errors
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Here are a few of the most common issue our users run into while using Booking / Booking Links

1.) Booking does not check for conflicts with my calendar

There are 3 main reasons that cause time slots in your booking link to be shown as available when they aren't.

  1. The calendars have not been set to be checked for conflicts.

    1. Go to Booking (Opt + A)

    2. Click Edit next to your booking link

    3. You'll see a section called "Attendance requirements". Make sure all calendars you want to check for conflicts are selected.

  2. The events on the calendar are free events (Booking will only detect busy events).

  3. The link priority has been set to override all other meetings.

    1. You can also check this in the booking link settings by following the steps for #1 and changing the "Meeting priority" dropdown.

2.) Failed to fetch error

The failed to fetch error may occur when you do not have a calendar host defined.

Please check your booking links by editing and scrolling down to the host section and confirm that a host email has been added.

3.) Team booking links are not working

Some teams are experiencing this issue. We’re actively working on a fix for this. In the meantime please use individual booking links.

Team booking links allow you to co-author booking links. You can still add other teammates to the meeting under "Attendance requirements" within individual booking links.

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